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Reviewer Permissions

CRM Security Roles

As of version 30.0 (11th December 2018), the DQ for Dynamics security roles are now available automatically via the normal CRM Security settings.

DQ for Dynamics User Permissions

Note: When records/groups are reviewed by one reviewer/admin, then only the assigned reviewer can perform processing operations on that record/group.

Section Sub-Section Admin Reviewer
CRM DQ Review Advanced Find
Account Records List
Contact Records List
Lead Records List
Settings Attribute Groups
Attribute Group Transforms
Master Record
Display & Auto Fill
Auto Exact & Merge Rules
Manage Users
Primary Account
Custom Settings
Best Record Rule DB Setup
Map Entities Setup
Cross Entity Mapping
Post Merge Settings
Home Session Listing Create Session
Delete Session
Activate a session
Deactivate a session
Start Match Process
Review Session
Clone Session
Select a session
Multi select sessions
Schedule a session
Session Detail Screen
Session Results Release Groups Section
Auto Exact & Bulk Merge All
Auto Promote All
Auto Fill All
Auto Promote & Fill All
Auto Accept & Merge All
Session Results Detail
Group Review Manual Fill
Auto Fill
Manual Promote
Auto Promote
Auto Exact & Merge
Accept & Merge
View Record
Suppress duplicate
Release Sub-Group
Grid settings
Hide Queue grid
Hide Session Drop down
Current Queue
Previous Group
Next Group
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