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DQ for Dynamics™ Cleanse

DQ for Dynamics™ Cleanse has been developed to provide continuous data cleansing for Dynamics 365 users with an easy-to-use bulk data cleansing tool. Removing the time-consuming task of ongoing CRM data cleansing.

You can bulk cleanse, validate, and verify your: email, phone, and address fields with easy-to-use power automate data cleansing workflows. Working right inside Dynamics 365 to make cleansing your CRM records a simple task, helping to increase user adoption and deliver trusted Customer Data.

Installation Guide

This is a step-by-step user guide to help you download, install, and configure the latest DQ Cleanse solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Note: Please ensure you have the necessary permissions to access Customization within Dynamics 365 Advanced Settings.

Solution Download

1. Firstly, download the following:

Product Dynamics 365 Mercury XRM
DQ for Dynamics - Base Download Download
DQ for Dynamics - Cleanse Email Download Download
DQ for Dynamics - Cleanse Phone Download Download
DQ for Dynamics - Cleanse Address Download Download

Create Account

In order to install and use the cleanse solutions, you must first register with DQ Global which can be done here. After registering, DQ Global will provide you with an API key and a unique password via email.

By registering you will automatically start a 14-day free trial and will have 1,000 free credits for to trial the services we offer.

Purchasing Credits

To use the Cleanse flows past your trial you will need to first buy credits from the DQ Shop here. After logging in, this will take you to the DQ Shop. To buy credits, choose Add to basket on one of the Credit Packs. From here, follow the instructions on screen to purchase your credits.

NOTE: You may have been provided a key by DQ Global, if this is the case, please skip this step.

Solution Install

Head to the PowerApps maker portal (

Select the environment you will be installing into.

From here, select Solutions on the left-hand navigation bar.

Now select Import Solution from the top navigation bar.

Select Choose file, select the file, then select Next.

Setup your Connections, then select Import.

After all of the solutions have been successfully imported, select Publish All Customizations.

First-time Setup

This step is only applicable if you have less than 250k records.

If you have more than 250K rows it will still function but please reach out to as we have faster onboarding methods for larger customers.

Head to the PowerApps maker portal (

Select the environment you will be installing into.

From here, select Flows on the left-hand navigation bar.

In the top-right enter onboard into the search box. And then press the run button on all of the flows

How to use DQ for Dynamics™ Cleanse

Once the Cleanse solutions have been installed you don't have to do anything to use them, the flows will monitor changes to your data and will queue the changes to be checked. Every 8 hours the queued changes will be checked and the results are written back to the relevant tables.

The results can be seen in 3 ways

1) You can use the Cleanse Dashboards (https:<EnvironmentURL>/main.aspx?pagetype=dashboard&etn=<dqg_email | dqg_phone | dqg_address>) 2) You can look at the Cleanse Tables (https:<EnvironmentURL>/main.aspx?pagetype=entitylist&etn=<dqg_email | dqg_phone | dqg_address>)

3) You can look at the records associated with a record

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