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DQ for Dynamics™ Capture

DQ for Dynamics™ Capture is built to provide everyday Dynamics 365 users with powerful point of entry data capture solutions. By utilising PCF (Power Apps Component Framework) Tools, DQ for Dynamics™ Capture helps ensure data is consistent, complete, and unique upon entry.

DQ for Dynamics™ Capture removes the frustration of CRM data collection, turning data entry into a quick and easy task for all CRM users.

Getting Started

To get started, you must create an account with DQ Global here.

After registering an account, you must accept agreements for all third-party data providers you wish to utilise as well as enabling permissions. This can be done through My Account within the DQ Shop.

When the necessary agreements have been read and confirmed & permissions have been enabled, the solutions must be downloaded and installed. Download links and installation guides of which can be found below.

* DQ Phone Authentication

* DQ Email Authentication

* DQ Address Search

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